About the Trust

The Catchers Trust (the ‘Trust’) is a unit trust for NSW commercial fishermen and aquaculturists to own 50% of Sydney Fish Market at Blackwattle Bay.

A Board of Directors (elected by Unit Holders every 3 years) looks after the Trust. Two of the Trust’s Directors are appointed to the SFM Board.

The Trust is not involved in any way with the management of SFM. Unit Holders should always contact SFM to resolve any market issues or problems.

Why would I want to get a Unit? 
A Unit In the Trust lets you share in any Trust distribution. Your share is calculated as a percentage of your sales through the SFM market(direct or via a Coop or agent) against the sales of all the other Unit Holders.

The more you sell through SFM – the bigger your share. If you don’t sell anything through SFM, then you don’t get any share.

Who can get a Unit? We’ve got that covered [ID=48]here[/ID].

What are the rules about Units? We’ve got information about that [ID=49]here[/ID].

Download the application form and apply for a Unit today.

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